Comes with a Adjustable Strap Hair From our Raw Majesty Line
Unit ships out in 7-10 business days
All of our Custom Vanity Units are sewing machine made, they also come with a Lace closure or Lace frontal piece with customization (bleached and plucked). For achieving a more natural real scalp illusion we suggest applying a powder foundation directly underneath your lace, and concealer in between your part on top ( if you like ) A skin-colored wig cap underneath your Vanity Unit will also help achieve a real scalp illusion. The wig cap is OPTIONAL, As i do not wear a cap underneath my Custom Vanity Unit. Please be advised slight shedding is expected, the wefts are cut during the construction of the units. Also shedding occurs when detangling your unit. This is natural, just as our own natural hair sheds daily. Permanent hair coloring, permanent waving and or excessive heat will over time cause damage your hair, resulting in shorter lengths and more shedding. Custom Vanity Units can last 3-5 years with proper care .
Please care for your Custom Vanity Unit with Love, and it will love you back.

Jasmin Unit


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